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Can web applications really replace native offline/Windows?

The thing about the applications development industry is its dynamicity and looking at the future prospects, one of the questions that linger in your mind is; can web applications really replace native apps?

If you ask me, yes they can. Actually, it’s already happening.

Especially when the app is cloud based, its viability and prospects of bringing the native online/windows applications into extinction. Web based apps can be installed on a cloud server and thereby reducing the server costs, costs associated with the maintenance of the server e.g. the IT guy’s salary, and licence costs for the operating system and other softwares.

The mobility that is signature of the web based apps makes them highly accessible, anywhere anytime. The main advantages of web based apps that may see them render native apps obsolete include:

i. With web based apps, all you need is a standard browser. You don’t require installation of client side softwares.

ii. You don’t need a very high RAM for processing purposes, all you have to do is load the page and you are good to go.

iii. They are highly accessible, provided you have access to a desktop, laptop, phone, a basic browser/app and an internet connection.

iv. Web applications usually are automatically up-to-date as opposed to native online/ windows app that require manual updating.

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