5 Advantages to Renting Confetti Cannons and Blowers

You’re keen on the way falling confetti jazzes up a live performance event and how streamers soar by a sports stadium when your group is victorious! You like that impact, but are you willing to make the investment and buy confetti cannons and blowers?

Thankfully, there’s more than one option. We hire confetti cannons and blowers so you can maximize your enjoyable anytime, anywhere! Listed here are 5 advantages to renting:

1. Try before you purchase

Each confetti cannon and confetti blower creates a slightly completely different particular effect. The three” Continuous Movement Gerb is a medium-sized confetti blower that shoots confetti up to seventy five’ high just like a volcano, while the X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher shoots massive streamers as much as 100’ within the air like a precision-aimed cannon. Some are designed for giant venues, while others are designed for small group gatherings. By renting, you possibly can strive before you buy and determine the precise confetti blowers and cannons you want for future events.

2. Nice for one-off occasions

Are you hosting your company’s 50th anniversary celebration or throwing a huge marriage ceremony reception? For one-off occasions similar to these, you may not essentially need to spend money on confetti cannons or blowers. Renting is significantly less costly than buying, so you’ll be able to go all out and rent essentially the most spectacular confetti machines just like the 9 Barrel “POD” Remote Management wholesale confetti Launcher or a dozen Tableprime Confetti Launchers in your floral centerpieces. Now that one-off occasion is a really memorable occasion indeed!

3. Flexibility for annual occasions

Even annual occasions, like a concert sequence or city parade, can take advantage of renting as a strategy to change up the event. You can lease a confetti cannon one yr, like the handheld Master Blaster Co2 Confetti Launcher, and then hire a confetti blower the subsequent year, like a Steady Move ‘Baby’ Gerb. That way you possibly can frequently shock your audience 12 months after year!

4. Lower prices

After all, lower price is without doubt one of the greatest reasons to hire somewhat than buy. Whether or not you need to stay within a particular budget or wish to hold costs down, renting confetti cannons and blowers can save you cash… which means more money to place towards colourful confetti and metallic streamers!

5. Put rental cost towards your purchase

And if the truth is you fall in love with any of the confetti cannons or confetti blowers that you lease, Flutter FETTI provides you an added incentive to purchase. You’ll be able to apply your latest rental charge toward your buy, acting like a direct low cost on the full value of the equipment. It additionally makes you’re feeling as in the event you had bought the product all along!

The full list:

Confetti Cannons

Master Blaster Co2 Confetti Launcher (handheld)

Quarter Turn Co2 Confetti Launcher (handheld)

X-6 Double Barrel Confetti Launcher (wireless)

9 Barrel “POD” Remote Confetti Launcher

Tabletop Confetti Launcher (wireless)

Confetti Blowers

Surprise Box Steady Circulation Confetti Launcher

“Baby” Continuous Movement Gerb

3″ Steady Stream Gerb

6″ Steady Circulation Gerb